Trust more important than price for used car buyers

Trust more important than price for used car buyers

Consumers rate trust in the dealer ahead of price when it comes to buying a used car, according to a survey of 18,000 AA members on the most important purchase considerations.

Safety (25%), the car’s condition (23%) and trust in the dealer (14%) were all rated higher than price (12%).  Style (2%) and speed/performance (1%) had a significantly smaller bearing on buying decisions, while less than 1% considered the convenience of the dealership as a priority.

Older drivers (aged 65+) were more likely than any other age group to choose a used car based on trust (19%), which was a relatively minor consideration for motorists between the ages of 18-34 (9%).  In addition, the survey revealed that women (31%) were much more likely to be drawn to a used car because of its safety record than men (22%).

“The internet has fundamentally changed the way people buy used cars, but not necessarily what they want from their next vehicle,” Simon Benson, Director of Motoring Services at AA Cars, said.  “Just how influential the impact of online car shopping has been is borne out in how few people are bothered about the convenience of a dealership.  The typical buyer no longer just hopes to chance upon the right car locally – evidence shows that drivers will do extensive research online before heading to a dealership they can trust.”

The findings of the survey were echoed in a YouGov poll in which 60% of used car drivers say they would buy again from a dealer they knew they could trust.

The poll, commissioned by Carsnip, asked drivers what would make them go back to a car dealer to buy another used car.  62% said good value for money, followed by 60% who said trust.  They were then asked how likely they would be to purchase the same make and model of car for less money from elsewhere if they trusted their existing dealer – just 10% said ‘very likely’, further highlighting the importance of trust. 

Just 2% of drivers said that having the convenience of being able to buy a car online would be their main consideration when looking to buy a car. 

Added: 18 July 2017

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