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Kia’s new, all-electric version of Niro is coming soon
Occupying a unique position in the market as an all-electric, compact crossover, the Kia e-Niro offers a range of 282 miles for complete peace of mind. As the What Car? Electric Car of the Year 2019, as well as the overall Car of the Year, the e-Niro must be the most accomplished electric car around today. Featuring zero emissions for clean driving, yet with all the space, versatility and toughness of a crossover, the e-Niro will offer an array of innovative, in-car technologies. 

Kia Niro EV: Design
The Niro EV is a highly versatile model, as it combines an eye-catching appearance with excellent practicality. The design incorporates the utility and appeal of a compact SUV, in an all-new, sleek, aerodynamic body with subtly sculptured surfaces that perfectly suit the slick innovation of this new model.

The Kia Niro EV differentiates itself from the existing Niro Hybrid and Niro Plug-in Hybrid with a series of exclusive design features. Its futuristically styled ‘tiger-nose’ grille features an integrated charging port, bearing a de-bossed Niro logo.

Redesigned air intakes and new arrowhead-shaped LED daytime running lights combine with light blue trim highlights to make it stand out even more. The e-Niro rides on newly designed, five-spoke, 17”, aluminium alloy wheels with a diamond-cut, two-tone finish, housing Kia’s regenerative braking system. At the back, reshaped rear bumpers feature similar light blue highlights to those found at the front of the car, while the design of the LED rear lights marks out this EV model as a member of the Niro family.

Breaking New Ground in Power

The e-Niro is powered by a next-generation, electric-vehicle powertrain. Equipped with the high-capacity 64kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack, the Niro EV will be able to take you over 282 miles on a single charge with zero emissions – an impressive feat for an electric model and one that points to the low running costs you can expect from this car. It’s safe to say the Niro EV will exquisitely demonstrate the considerable steps Kia has made in delivering comfortable, fun-to-drive vehicles that lead the way in zero-emissions motoring. And when it comes to recharging your Kia e-Niro, it takes only 54 minutes to go to an 80% charge, using a 100kW fast charger.

In addition to its outstanding energy efficiency and low running costs, the e-Niro offers exciting performance. The 150kW motor produces 204PS and 395Nm of torque, enabling an impressive 0-62mph time of only 7.8 seconds, whilst the electric motor means that all that torque is ready for instant off-the-line acceleration.

Technology to Enhance Efficiency
Alongside the e-Niro’s efficient power generation technologies, Kia has included a host of innovative tools to maximise range. These include:

- Regenerative braking to reclaim energy that would otherwise be wasted during braking and when coasting
- Eco Driving Assistant System to advise you on when to brake and when to coast to maximise range
- Energy recuperation controls via paddles on the steering wheel
- A battery heating system
- An advanced heat pump to minimise battery use for heating and air conditioning

In addition, the e-Niro comes with a Drive Mode Select control, offering you the options of three modes: Normal, Eco and Sport. This means you can choose whether to maximise your fun or maximise your economy.

Kia Niro Electric
New Technology Included

The Niro EV has plenty of model-specific technology cleverly included within the interior design. The dashboard features a new, light-blue trim, reflecting the exterior, focused at the centre console and which has been simplified to include Kia’s first ‘dial’-style shift knob.

The interior also features a new mood lighting system that illuminates both the centre console and the shifter. You can choose from six colours – white, grey, bronze, red, green and blue to personalise the interior to perfection.

The Niro’s 8” touchscreen HMI (Human-Machine Interface) has stayed put, but now includes a new infotainment system that enables you to locate nearby charging points and monitor the level of charge and range remaining from the battery pack – you can even compare your CO2 emissions with what the journey would have cost the environment in a petrol equivalent. Also included is a 7” colour-LCD driver instrument cluster for all your driving and battery information on the go.

Integrated into the top of the dashboard is a light displaying whether the battery pack is recharging or fully charged when plugged in – quickly enabling you to know the current charge level.

Another excellent feature of the e-Niro is the generous interior space, particularly the amount of leg room, shoulder room and head room for you and all your passengers. And when it comes to your luggage, the e-Niro can carry 451 litres without lowering the rear seats, which is 127 litres more than the Niro PHEV.

Another excellent feature of the e-Niro is the generous interior space, particularly the amount of leg room, shoulder room and head room for you and all your passengers. And when it comes to your luggage, the e-Niro can carry 451 litres without lowering the rear seats, which is 127 litres more than the Niro PHEV.

The Lane Following Assist system is a ‘Level Two’ autonomous driving technology which tracks vehicles in front of the car in traffic, and detects road markings to keep the Niro EV in its lane on the motorway. The system also controls acceleration, braking and steering, depending on the convoy of vehicles in front, using external sensors to maintain a safe distance.

Highlights of the all-new, all-electric Kia Niro includes:

- 282-mile range
- Kia’s new powertrain system
- High-capacity 64kWh battery
- Energy-harvesting technologies
- 8” touchscreen human-machine interface

The Kia e-Niro offers a highly desirable, high-tech design inside and out, along with a high specification, exceptional long-range capability and zero emissions. What’s more, the e-Niro, including its battery and electric motor, are all covered by Kia’s unique seven-year / 100,000-mile warranty for your complete peace of mind.

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Added: 05 February 2019

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