At Donalds we only use Castrol Professional

Donalds are 100% committed to making sure you get the absolute best from your car and engine. That's why Donalds only use Castrol Professional when we service your car.

Why is Oil So Important?

Not using the right oil for the right car can:

  • Allow engine deposits to build up
  • Efficiency and fuel economy to fall
  • Accelerates engine wear
  • Reduction in acceleration and engine responsiveness
  • Harm emissions management leading to possible MOT failure

Donalds protect your car in between services with Castrol Professional

We recommend that you continue to gain from the benefits of Castrol in your service with topping up in between services with Castrol Professional.

Why Buy a Top Up ?

  • Low oil level can lead to engine wear and damage, not topping up can cause damage to your car
  • Keeping your car topped up will ensure your engine works efficiently and saves fuel
  • Make sure you are ready to top up your oil, and it’s cheaper to buy it from us than at the service station

Avoid expensive distressed purchases, buy the right oil for your car today

Right Oil, Right Car, Right Price

To purchase, please phone your local branch:

Peterborough 01733 565787
Ipswich 01473 287788

Bury St Edmunds 01284 723336
Stamford 01780 762571